Despite the weather outside, it’s actually the ideal time of year to undertake some smaller scale improvements inside your home – here are some good reasons to consider doing something now, plus some ideas about Perfect Winter Projects.

Winter Gets a Bad Rap

To begin, let’s all agree that winter in the Philadelphia area is a huge hassle. It’s cold outside and dealing with snow & ice on your car, driveway, walks, and roofs can be a miserable job. Then, of course, just getting around becomes a challenge – the roads are a mess, schools get cancelled, and driving essentially anywhere can become dangerous.The understandable conclusion of many homeowners is to reorder priorities and say, “I’ll just wait until spring to deal with home improvements.” From a long-time industry professional, however, this can be exactly the wrong conclusion – here are some factors you should consider:

Availability of Quality Contractors

General contractors (the good ones, at least) are already planning their larger-scale projects – additions, major renovations – for the spring. Good luck trying to hire a quality contractor for smaller-scale inside jobs when the snow has melted.

Contractor Responsiveness

It’s a fact-of-life that most contractors are busier in the spring & summer than in the winter. Even if you’ve hired a great contractor, this means that their ability to deliver exactly what you want, when you want it, won’t be burdened with as many competing demands in the winter.

Enjoyment Delayed Is Enjoyment Lost

For most folks, the central reason to improve your home is to enjoy it…as soon as possible. Getting the project done now means it’s ready to be used in the spring – waiting until spring could mean that the Phillies aren’t the only thing that could darken your summer mood.

Spring Is the Best Time to Sell – Not Improve

For homeowners with an eye towards selling, there simply is no question that inside projects should be the priority this winter. When this spring’s home-buying-frenzy hits. “ready-to-move-in” is a much better selling point than “ready-soon”.

Your focus should be on smaller-scale inside projects – here’s an idea-list of some popular ones:


  • Bathroom Remodels
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Family Room Renovations
  • Basement Makeovers/Renovations
  • Attic Makeovers/Renovations


  • Garage Storage Solutions/Organization
  • Closet Solutions/Organization
  • Adding Built-Ins
  • Adding Insulation

Winter Project Unease

An uncomfortable feeling many homeowners have with winter projects centers around the following question: “Do I really want contractors tracking through my house in the winter and will they actually show up?”

The answer, of course, depends on your contracting decisions. The key to a professional, non-disruptive project is hiring an experienced local contractor with a track record of quality work and satisfied customers, e.g., a contractor like Carosella Design Build.

Such contractors, and the sub-contractors they hire, prioritize your convenience and the protection of your home during their work – and dealing with bad weather is just an inconvenient part of what we do.

Bottom Line If you’ve got an inside project in mind, hire a quality contractor and go for it! Why watch that show on HGTV when you can have the live production come to your house? You might actually enjoy it, and I know your children will.