With the interest in using renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and solar energy, and the awareness in climate change, many potential homeowners are looking to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Going green may not only save homeowners money over the lifetime of owning a home, but can also be an eco-friendly choice.

There are many ways to approach the green home trend. The renovation or purchase of a green home is supported through government channels and at the local level. A home buyer looking to buy green can take advantage of:

  • Green building tax credits from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and other states and municipalities.
  • Energy efficient mortgages (EEM), also known as green mortgages, for home buyers looking to purchase energy efficient homes.
  • LEED Certification to offer assurance that a building has met the guidelines set forth from NARI Green Certified Professional GCP and the Green Building Council.

Such buildings are environmentally sustainable, may include numerous environmentally
friendly features, may use local supplies and generally offer more energy efficiency to homeowners.

Green Homes are Better Homes

While much of the news about green homes and interest is from around 2010, interest hasn’t died down and there are new ways the market has responded to the demand for green homes. New rating systems are in place to help prospective home buyers locate and access the energy efficiency of a home. RESNET shared details on the HERS-rated home and why such homes may be a better investment than traditional homes.

Remodeling Your Home to a Green Home

It appears that the demand for green homes has provided additional options for homeowners and home buyers. There are alternative materials, additional suppliers, more-thoughtful design components, long-term energy savings, special certifications and new scoring systems for both owner and buyer. New training for real estate agents help them understand and share the key benefits of green homes. As more prospective home buyers and renovators learn of the advantages of green homes, tax credits and green mortgages will only provide an additional attraction and incentive to Go Green!